Providing help for those in mortgage arrears


There was a time when at weddings and significant birthdays, the guests would come together and join hands, forming a tunnel under which the couple or birthday person would move through.

This human tunnel signified a support and a united belief in looking out for that person as they journeyed on through life.

Here, we use that powerful symbol to demonstrate the support that people in serious mortgage arrears will experience at Abhaile. Our tunnel is formed by DMAs and other members of Abhaile as they unite to provide a supportive roof arch above the heads of a family in serious mortgage arrears.

It opens the door to a warmth and a welcome that people may not feel in this situation. An understanding that there is no judgment, rather a shared spirit of wanting to help and provide a means to help people help themselves, through free legal and financial guidance and a clear path to solutions.

This integrated campaign includes, radio, out of home, press, digital, social content planning and video that will be aired in phase 2.