Changing the face of commercials

Maynooth University

From asylum seekers to Irelands' first blind teacher, from human rights to humane technology - Maynooth University is changing the face of Irish society. This campaign showcases the incredible Masters students, lecturers and research changing the face of business, justice, media and science and innovation through their groundbreaking work at Maynooth University.

The university's culture of diversity, bravery, human and societal-lead research knowns no bounds. This campaign brings to light its most valuable asset -its people, who are creating very real, very meaningful positive change, every single day - in their classrooms and labs, in their places of work and in their communities in Ireland and indeed the world 

We were focused on telling a story about Maynooth University that breaks down boundaries and stereotypes, by reinforcing the incredible work being completed by the people within the grounds and the alumni from all around the world.